final test

If you're reading this page you should be very proud of your achievements and ready for one final test. As you're well aware, the program you've been following is called one fifty tricep dips and that's what this final test is all about.

To perform the test, simply execute as many good-form dips as you can. If you've completed the six week program with no cheating and no short cuts, experience has shown that you should be strong enough to perform one fifty consecutive dips!

After completing Week 6 of the program, treat yourself to a day or two of rest. Eat well and maintain good hydration. Try not to perform any exercises or tasks around the home that will drain you of energy - you'll need every ounce of strength to meet your goal. Ready?

Take your time, don't rush and focus on performing ten dips at a time. Breaking the magic one fifty into smaller chunks will make the goal more achievable and give you more chance of success. Maintain good form and don't hold your breath. It sounds simple, but just take it one dip at a time until you reach one fifty! If your tricep muscles start to burn, hold your position, take a few deep breaths and regain your composure before starting again. Good luck - I know you can do it!!

If today wasn't your day and you couldn't complete the one fifty, I would suggest going back a couple of weeks in the program and building up your arm strength again. Maybe Week 5 or Week 6 would be a good place to build from and help regain your confidence? Don't give up though, you're closer than you think!

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